OWW blog #1

We’ve just re-launched our website and have decided to accompany it with an area dedicated to blogs. Welcome. This is Jack speaking btw - Gleb is wading through label design and inventory management 🍷

We decided to create a blog space, either because it’s important for SEO (reality) or because our inbox and DMs are inundated with customer requests for blog posts (fantasy):

  • “I think you’re great wine salespeople but I suspect you will be even more effective bloggers”
  • “I like your wine but your proposition would be so much more compelling if you wrote a blog post”
  • “All I do is sit around and read blogs all day and I’d love to add yours to my backlog”

You asked, we listened.

The ambition for the space is to shed some light on the ‘Other’ world of wine. And also to give you an insight into what it’s like to start and grow a start-up. 

So if you’re interested in why certain grapes - like Retsina - have an unfair reputation, or how to rigorously sample wines to bring products to market, or even navigate complex, unfamiliar international supply chains, then stay tuned.

There’s huge potential in the Other world of wine, and we’re passionate about unlocking it. We’re also passionate about removing all confusing, intimidating, unnecessary jargon. So it’s plain English from here on out.

What’s more, we will invite guests to the blog space - covering editorial content and interviews with winemakers, industry leaders and fellow founders.

Right, that’s enough of an introduction. For a true introduction, give our wines a sample (shop 👇).



COBO (Chief Obliging Blog Officer)