Passionate winemaking on the shores of the Black Sea

Moldova is one of the oldest winemaking countries in the world, with evidence of winemaking stretching back 7000 years. The south in particular, with a climate influenced by the Black Sea, has perfect grape growing conditions and is well known for innovative winemaking - using a blend of indigenous and internationally known grapes.
Chateau Cristi is nestled in a designated ecological zone in the South of Moldova. It‘s a region of rolling hills, fruit orchards and of course vineyards. The area has been producing spectacular wine for thousands of years.

Harvest is a community event, with locals showing up from across the region to pick the grapes that make this wine. Amateur pickers and expert winemakers club together in a way that has remained the same for millennia.
The winery owners, Constantin and his brother-in-law, Roman, adopt a low-intervention approach to winemaking. They believe that their wines should be a raw representation of the climate and terroir, and so seek to alter the wine as little as possible. They are currently going through the process of organic conversion.


In 2023 we launched the OWW COLLECTIVE - a crowdfunding campaign that allowed backers to cut out the middleman, and combine to launch a new wine together, sourcing directly from an independent vineyard in Moldova.

It was fully funded in less than 24 hours, and Jumi-Juma was born.