Nice to meet you.

Do you ever feel like wine is a bunch of 80 year old blokes sitting around talking about silky finesse and pencil shavings in a 1996 Premier Grand Cru Classé? We’re here to refresh that conversation.

Like all good stories, ours started on a drunken holiday. After a trip to Georgia together, we realised that some of the world's oldest and most interesting wine regions and their producers were hugely under-represented.

A few years and learning curves later, and we've launched a range of our own wines from exciting vineyards off the beaten track. You can find us in Planet Organic, as well as some brilliant independent restaurants and wine bars around London. Or you can buy direct online.

Explore the Other World

The ‘Other World’ is a different world of wine beyond Old World (France, Spain, Italy) and New World (Australia, South Africa, Argentina). At Other World Wines, we get bottles from unexpected regions around the table for a new generation of curious wine drinkers. And we’ll try our best to keep the wanky nonsense to a minimum.