A thriving family estate in the land of Hercules

Greece boasts a long and proud winemaking history. The Ancient Greeks used to host grand festivals with wine drinking contests, and Greek settlers laid the foundations for French and Italian wine. Check out the rig on Dionysus, God of winemaking.

Greek vineyards have since gone through some hard times, but now, propelled by talented winemakers, they're making a comeback - celebrating both indigenous and international grapes.
Located in Bathra, just outside the town of Argos, the Danaon Gea winery is run by Dimitris Douros.

Dimitris' father set up the winery in 1976 with very little cash, and now, 45 years on, it's thriving. They use extremely modern techniques in their state of the art facility, combined with a passion for tradition and heritage.

They stay true to the region by growing local indigenous grapes, and combine them with internationally known varieties to produce beautifully balanced wines.
Buy Greek wine and find out more about Danaon Gea, the independent, small-batch, family vineyard in Nemea making a name for itself producing Moschofilero and Agiorgitiko.