Shabo Winery

Resilient winemakers in the heart of Odessa

SHABO winery is not far from Odessa, in the south of Ukraine by the Black Sea.

Here, the climate is perfect for growing grapes - and a family of Georgian winemakers, including Giorgi Iukuridze (handsome man pictured) have embarked on a mission to prove just how good the terroir is.
Giorgi and his team have built a state of the art winery, and planted extensive vineyards from which they produce all of their wines. They have countless awards and medals for their wines - which are a mixture of indigenous and international varietals.
Unfortunately it is impossible to speak about Ukraine without mentioning Russia's invasion, initially in 2014 and then at full scale in 2022.

When we met Giorgi and the team at Prowein in 2023, he had been given special dispensation to leave the country for the event on the condition he return shortly afterwards. We spoke to the team about their new reality - working shifts around air raid sirens and combining their usual tasks with humanitarian work. Some employees have gone to fight on the frontline.

As a team they are determined to ensure the world has access to their fantastic wine, and we are determined to help. For every bottle of Ukrainian wine we sell, Other World Wines will make a £1 donation to charities helping to rebuild Ukraine.